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 This module allows you to keep a record of all checks and deposits into your team bank account. Is fully integrated with the Team Budget Module. It is also fully integrated with our Fundraiser Module. when entering a check for a team expense you automatically have the ability to have the expense update player accounts instantaneously. A grid appears and you can simply check the players you want included. In fact, the grid appears with all players selected and you can simply un-check the players you do not want to participate in the expense.

Because the Checkbook Module is fully integrated with fundraisers, the income from fundraisers is automatically applied to player accounts who participated in the fundraiser.

You can also enter individual items for players. In this process you can indicate whether the check of the deposit you're making is associated not only with a specific player but also indicate whether the income or expenses associated with the team budget.

Another unique feature is you have the ability to reconcile your checkbook from within the system. Therefore there is no need to have some other program to do so.

Player statements are such an important part of any team.  For this reason, player statements are automatically e-mailed to not only the player, but any parents which are selected to receive statements via e-mail. What this means to a parent is that they no longer have to worry about receiving their statement. A future enhancement to our system will be the ability for parents to go online and pay their child's balance. The coach also has the ability to simply print statements if desired.

Fields Include:

  • Transaction
  • Date
  • Season
  • Balance
  • Cleared?
  • Transaction Type
  • Pre-bill Member
  • Amount
  • Check Number
  • Specific Member



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