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 The Season Budget Module is one of the most important modules within TrackOurTeam. This module allows the coach to estimate what the expenses will be for the season. It also allows the coach to estimate what donations might be received. The Season Budget Module is fully integrated with the team checkbook. If the coach pays a portion of an expense the system automatically updates a total for that budget item and calculates the actual cost for each team member as compared to the original budgeted cost.

When statements are printed for players there are separate sections for budget related charges and payments and a section for no budget related player charges and payments. The statements are completely itemized and have a full audit trail behind them.

The coach has the ability to compare budget estimates with actual cost. In addition budgets can be kept on a seasonal basis allowing a coach to compare last season's budget and actual expenses as he or she prepares for a new season for the team.

Some of the fields included are:

  • Budget Item Number
  • Season
  • Item Type
  • Budget Amount

For more information click here: Budget Module

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