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The season always begins with tryouts.  TrackOurTeam's Tryout module is a sophisticated and integral part of the system as a whole. The module begins with on-line signup for team tryouts.  TrackOurTeam will customize all of the forms your team uses and put them on our site. You simply issue a username and password to our site and anyone desiring to tryout can log in and fill out all of their forms.  Each time a form is submitted you are notified by email. The tryout candidate also receives a copy of the form they just filled out. Copies can also be emailed to the school's athletic department or any other school departments.  In addition, all forms are logged into TrackOurTeam's Tryout module enabling you to see when each form is received. When your tryout signup period ends, no one is able to fill out any more forms.

The tryout module integrates completely with your team module so no duplicate data entry is required.

For more information click here: Tryout Module

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