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Bruce Dill, Co-Founder of  Bruce has been in the computer software business for thirty years and overseen the development of software products for Real Estate, Nonprofits, Native American Tribal Accounting, Cancer Support, and Ad Velorum Tax Management Software products.  He is considered an expert in the development of Information Management Systems (IMS).  He has spoken nationally over fifty times.  He is also the founder of a nonprofit supporting individuals and families in their fight against cancer.
Tammy Dill is Director of Social Networking and Social Marketing.  She has worked in the computer field for approximately 25 years including Intel.  She brings a vast tool set of strong marketing skills and loves working with people. She has been involved in equestrian sports and has a strong belief of helping others.
Eric Muench is Director of Software Design for He founded and has manage Genesistems, Inc. Software for the last 33 years. Genesistems acquired the TOM Software Products and Network in 2004. Expanded the TOM product line since 2004 with 4 major releases of the SPEEDĀ® 4th Generation Development system. Genesistems became the US Distribution source for the ADP KCML Language. The goal is to expand the TOM VAR network and the use of SPEED/KCML as an Alternative to other inefficient development platforms.
Jim Palladino is a senior programmer consultant. He has a masters in mathematics and statistics. He has been programming  for over thirty years experience in the design of software for industries including, restaurants, manufacturing, county government, accouting, distribution, statistics and many others.
Jim Odland is Lead Consultant for the ADP database utilized by our company.  He has been invoved in the design and management of the database for almost 20 years.  He regularly communicates with ADPs main office for the database in the UK.
Carroll Wilcox Provides programming and custom reports design for  He has been programming for over 20 years and is and expert in ADP Database management.
Cecil Wiedemen is a programmer and customer support assistant for  Cecil has been developing software utilizing ADP and Speed products for approximately twenty years.

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