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Coaches are such a valuable person to our kids.  Coaches enspire our children to strive for success, to never give up, and to lose with honor and grace.  Here are just a few of the coaches who use TrackOurTeam.

Brenda Puckett, Former Coach, Current Cheer, Pom, Dance Judge nationally.  TrackOurteam is one of the most amazing products I have ever seen.  The product just has everything a coach, parent, sponsor, treasure or athletic department needs to effectively manage their team.  Their Tryout Module is unbelievable.  Their book keeping system emails statements to parents.  They do game and practice schedules.  They just do it all.  The people at TrackOurTeam have kids is sports and know what everyone needs. I wish TrackOurTeam was available when I was coaching.

Stephanie Evans, Varsity Cheer Coach, Simply wonderful.

Liz Hemphill, Varsity Cheer Coach, Track Our Team took my try out stress level from a 10 to a 2.  They were able to streamline our paperwork to make it easy to access and review.  The customer service is first rate! My and my parent's questions are usually answered within an hour via email or telephone.  I recommend this product and cannot imagine going back to an all paper try out process.

Tiffany Carpenter, Varsity Cheer Coach, "Track Our Team has been so awesome!  The amount of time saved for data entry is enormous!  Anytime I have a question or concern, it is addressed almost immediately (by morning if late).  Bruce you are so kind and patient!  I feel like Track Our Team is so easy to use!  I can't wait to learn all of the other aspects of it!"

Will Renfro, Varsity Cheer Coach,  "TracOurTeam really organizes things for me. They have customized reports for us with no charge and their website is easy for parents to use."

Amy Dieta, Varsity Cheer Coach, "This is the most unbelievable product I have ever seen!"

Lindsay Kalb, Varsity Cheer Coach, "I have never seen anything like this!"

Haley Delvizis, Varsity Cheer Coach,  "I love the way I get emails when a tryout fills out a form. Then I can print a report of all tryouts and when they filled out their forms. Life is easier because of TrackOurteam."

Nadors King, Varsity Cheer Coach, "This is my first year using TrackOurTeam and it is making all the paperwork easier for parents and coaches".

 Alicia Carlisle, Varsity Cheer Coach, "I like the customer support.  Of course I like everything about it!  You can actually talk toa live person! Fantastic!"


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