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What Parents Are Saying

We are thankful for the parents we have been able to work with.  We are parents of kids involved in sports.  We know what it is like to want to see our children succeed in all they do. Here are a few comments we have received from parents.

Shannon Swank,Austin, TX Cheer Parent, "I am a parent with a daughter in cheer at Westwood High School. The ease of being able to register online was awesome! I am extremely busy, as are most parents, so being able to do this online & not have to shuffle forms back & forth to school was so nice. I was able to do it from my iPad! Great tool!

Gretta Wilson,Austin, TX, Cheer Parent, "Thanks for reaching out to us cheer parents!! I have enjoyed the system. I loved it. The personal assistance I received from you was wonderful and it means so much to be made to feel as if you're the only cheer parent in town while you're helping us. Thanks again Bruce!!"

Cheryl Long,Austin, TX, Cheer Parent, "I wanted to take a moment to share with you the very positive experience my daughter and I have had with the new web-based team try-out sign up program. My daughter found the program extremely easy to navigate and, considering the reduced size of the packet, it will clearly save a great deal of paper, toner and money for the district.  When we did experience one small glitch following completion of the forms, a quick, direct telephone conversation with Mr. Bruce Dill of TrackOurTeam resolved the matter in moments.  He was polite, professional and extremely well versed in the workings of the program as well as of cheer culture. In my opinion, the decision to utilize this program will streamline the process, save resources, and make the forms far more legible for the coaches and judges."

Monica Medina-Garza, Jenks, OK, Pom Parent, "I wanted to tell you as I was very thankful for your help. You returned my calls and helped me as we talked on the phone. That's great customer service!

Nicole Young, Tulsa, OK, Pom Parent, "Thank you for being so helpful when signing my daughter up for Pom this year."

Stephen Doggett, Austin, TX, Cheer Parent.  "Thank you for getting back to me so quickly I have gotten the forms and I'll be sure to let coach know how easy the web site is."

Jo Ozambela ,Austin, TX Cheer Parent, “The online system was great and very convenient. I wish all paperwork were delivered like this.”

Nikki Cherniak, Austin, TX Cheer Parent.  We thought TrackOurTeam was awesome.  It was easy to use, whether you are technical or not.  Customer support was outstanding.  My questions were all answered quickly and MORE than completely!  I didn't expect you to attach all my forms right there for me - what great service!

Joelle Bray, Jenks, OK Pom  Parent, “I think it is fantastic that as parents we have the opportunity to fill these forms out online for Jenks Pom.”

Carrie Hyra, Austin Cheer Parent ,  “I wanted to say thank you for your help with Your quick response was very much appreciated. it is a great product.”

Diana Sormani, Austin Cheer Parent   “I really appreciate you getting in touch with me so quickly!!"

Jeanne Tomlinson, Austin Cheer Parent, “I didn't have any trouble filling out the forms. I like this system a lot.  Much easier and more efficient than filling out forms and delivering them to the school."

Stephanie Northcutt, Austin Cheer Parent, “You were extremely helpful and very patient as I am the world's most tech challenged person! You made us feel so much more assured about this new experience. In today's world it is hard to get true customer service. I have been sure to tell our cheer coach how wonderful you were as well as the other parents at our cheer booster meeting. Honestly I feel you went above and beyond! Thanks again for all you did!

Gretta Wilson, Austin Cheer Parent, “Thank you so much for your assistance to me. I couldn't have done it without your patience and understanding.  You are totally awesome. Thank you for helping me with the submission of all the required forms for my daughter.”

Jessica Sokol, Austin Cheer Parent, “I think the site is great!...

Joe Kelliher,Austin Cheer Parent, “I wanted to follow up with you regarding the computer issue I was having trying to fill out the cheerleading forms online for the track our team website.  I contacted Bruce at technical support for the website and he did an exceptional job at helping me resolve my issue with my computer.  He went above and beyond and went so far as to manually fill my forms out for me.  Mind you I happened to try and tackle this issue at 6pm on a Thursday evening.  I found him to be pleasant, cooperative and very professional. I am very pleased we have switched to an online registration.  I thought you should be aware that the TrackOurTeam website had great follow up and customer service.


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