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Sponsors are Saying


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Sponsors are the individuals who are usually parents or teachers who assist and support a team.  A sponsor may a mother of a cheerleader or a football player who advises, helps coaches make decisions or coordinates with multiple coaches from different schools within a district.  here are what some sponsors of schools using TrackOurteam have to say.

Kristi Mitchell, Teacher, Cheer Coordinator, Round Rock ISD, Austin, TX. We managed over 6,000 forms using TrackOurTeam.  Their system emails forms to parents, coaches, and the ADs office.  Their suport group helped our coaches and parents in a very professional manner. They worked with our ADs office and are just great to work with.

 Renee Williams, Teacher, Cheer Coordinator, Leander ISD, Austin, TX.  TrackOurTeam has really helped our cheer program to be efficient, knowledgable and better organized.  Their online forms system for cheer tryouts has greatly reduced the work it takes to get everything organized.  Their support team is always there. We are so glad we chose TrackOurTeam to help us manage our cheer program.


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